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Our dental practice at the Hamilton Care Dental Centre focuses on patients’ oral health and comfort. We use advanced tools and the latest in dental technology. We maintain a clean environment and a friendly atmosphere to ensure that our patients are satisfied with every dental visit.

Our knowledgeable dentists are the best in the industry. Whether you visit for a regular checkup or a major dental procedure, you will always be in highly qualified hands.

We Have..

  • Comfortable Office
  • Family Friendly Environment
  • Modern Equipment
  • Knowledgeable Dentist
  • Convenient Location
  • One Visit Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Comfortable Dental Centre

Quality Dental Care

Keep your teeth and gum healthy with the help of the experts at Hamilton Care Dental Centre. We provide quality dental services to adults and children. We ensure that all patients get immediate attention and care.

Schedule a dental consultation with our qualified dentists to discuss your oral health. Achieve an amazing smile makeover and let us provide you with the right dental treatments to keep your teeth healthy.

Dr. Bassam Petros

Dr. Bassam Petros has extensive experience in multiple fields of Cosmetic Dentistry.